Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're still harvesting from the garden

Well, sort of. We had a nice crop of carrots in last summers garden. We had enough to store for future use.

There are several ways to store fresh carrots for long term storage. In a root cellar, they can be placed in damp sand to keep them from drying out. Two years ago, I placed a deep layer of straw on a row that wasn't yet harvested. The straw kept the soil from freezing so we were able to go out and dig carrots even when there was a foot of snow on the ground.

This year I found a better way. On a cold November day I harvested the remaining carrots. I snapped off the green leaves and proceeded to dig a deep hole in a vegetable bed. The whole was big enough hold a 5 gallon nursery pot the kind that hold small shrubs or large perennials.


Anyway, After the pot was set in at soil level I placed a layer of dried leaves on the bottom then I carefully put in the carrots- I counted 73. These were covered with more dried leaves, some soil and then covered with straw I marked the spot wit a a tomato steak and walked away. The other day I decided that I should harvest some carrots. After shoveling off the snow, I removed the straw and leaves. There, in the pot were carrots. Delicious sweet carrot. The carrots were coated with soil but once I washed them they were firm and sweet. In-fact some had new growth of small leaves.


Doesn't this bowl of carrots look good ? And believe me they taste so much better than store bought carrots. This year I plan on planning a extra row of carrots so that we can have carrots through the winter.

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Dawn said...

How cool is that?
Our garden did not do so well last year. The deer ate everything!!!
They are becoming more bold and have been coming right up next to our house all winter long...rooting round for whatever they can find. We are in a village...lived here for 26 years and this has never happened before.
Anyway...we will have to fence the strawberry patch for sure.
Big fence!
Thanks for stopping by, Kim.