Friday, October 17, 2014


Camden, Forest Park ~

Honey Mushroom ~

 photo 10723393_833612116683992_1999693574_n.jpg

Hen of the Woods ~

Hen of the Woods photo henofthewoodsmushroom.jpg

Late Autumn Oyster ~

 photo Panellus_serotinus.jpg

Can be found from first frost in mid-October to hard freeze mid-December. It is quite distinctive, often bluish or greenish yellow with yellowish gills and a well defined stub-like stalk.
It is also quite tough. It also dried well, and provides a decidedly chewy experience incorporated into hearty stews. Shall we say that its bitter flavor lends itself well to robust sauces, like burgundy or tomato, or both!

Elm Oyster ~ Hypsizygus ulmarius

 photo images-1.jpg

Thia was found on an earlier trip in the found yard of "Clowning Around" camp in the ADK

Gray tooth ~ Phellodon melaleucus

 photo IMG_7415-1.jpg

The flesh of all members of the genus Phellodon is tough and somewhat leathery; it becomes 'corky' when it dries (and develops a distinct spicy smell