Thursday, October 22, 2015

Saving the Season

We had a frost this past weekend. October 17. Killing Frost. We did not have a frost before that. I was under the weather so I was not able to think about bringing in the last of the basil, tomatoes and pole beans. The carrots and kale and celery are still fine and we eat some from the garden almost daily.

I have the back foyer filled with lots of good food to put up. These were picked up from various farms.  Cabbages to be made into Cole slaw to be canned, and some stuffed cabbage rolls too. Pumpkins will be cut into cubes and canned in wide mouth quart jars, then in in the future to become pumpkin muffins, cookies and pancakes. Tomatoes, once ripened will be cut up with equal amounts of celery, then canned in quart jars for a soup base. Oh and the butternut squash, my favorite squash. I shall give some away the store the rest in my root cellar. My favorite box, 22 lbs of Bosc pears made into several kinds of canned fruit treats. Then there are the apples. The last of the apples from my tree. They have been peeled, cut and is now simmering with sugar and spices to make apple butter for Christmas gifts.

What's in your foyer?