Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beans are not magical

nor are they a fruit, but they are a pantry staple here at the Little Homestead in the Village. Beans are great for a quick meal, beans and rice, chili, mashed for a mexican dish. I've been out of canned beans for about a week. At any time we do have at least several quart jars filled with dried beans, but it does take some planning to cook those up into a tasty dish for dinner. So todays project is to can a double canner full of beans. Last night I soaked a large pot of pinto beans (2 lbs) and a smaller pot filled with navy beans. This morning I boiled the beans for 30 minutes. While they were cooking, I fixed a flavored "sauce" made of a little ketchup, tomato juice, molasses and a pinch of powdered mustard. Then I added a small piece of salt pork.

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