Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Fast Food" Little Homestead Style

Although the Real food Challenge has not yet officially begin ... We've started it here at the Little Homestead in the Village. This turned out to be a great real food day . Breakfast was a large pot of old fashioned oatmeal. I don't like mine sweet so I sprinkled it with some cinnamon. That a big cup of coffee started my day.

Lunch -We had a business on meeting on friday and by the time I got home we only had time for 'fast food'- Little Homestead style". I decided on making a huge pot of chili. I sautéed a large onion, then into the pot I poured 3 quarts of my homemade kidney beans, 1 quart of my canned hamburger, a quart of our whole tomatoes and a pint of chunky garden Salsa. This was seasoned with some salt. cumin, chili powder, pepper, our fresh garlic, my dehydrated basil and umm...the kids and hubby helped themselves big bowls. This was a good choice because they came in from the cold from shoveling and snow-blowing.

Dinner was a steak I pulled from the deep recesses of the freezer. I like to slice it thin, sauté it with lots of garlic and onions and add whatever vegetables I could find. In this case frozen peas. Then it's tossed with pasta and whatever herbs I feel like adding.

I wonder how the rest of the weeks meals will go,

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