Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook -February 1, 2011


Outside my window...10 degrees. Although it's not snowing right now, a big snowstorm storm is on the way. It should be hitting us around 10pm. Most likely the kids wont have school tomorrow.

I am thinking... wondering how bad the storm will be. Chicago got it quite bad and the same storm is headed toward the East Coast.

I am thankful for... Danny working. Although it's a "cart wrangler" job and he's outside for most of his shift, he finally has some money. He is contributing to the household budget and still has money to save and some to spend.

From the kitchen... 8 pints of navy beans in the pressure canner with another 7 quarts of pinto beans ready as soon as the canner is available. I also have a bowl of bagels that I made yesterday.

I am wearing...a wine colored flowered cotton sleeveless shift, cozy slippers and my "the bees know" hat. The house is very cold but the kitchen is warm when I work so I'm comfortable for now.

I am creating...finishing up the scrappy quilt. All of the squares are done and all I have to to is sew together 3 more rows and attach them to the quilt. The quilt should be finished in a day or two.

I also finished the curtain for my bedroom. This curtain a single panel is behind the television to be pulled across the window if the sun is shinning in.

I am going... nowhere. We're gonna hunker down. We have everything we need here at the little homestead- 1.5 gallons of milk, a dozen plus eggs and a panty sufficient for me to prepare almost anything we want to eat. Some planned meals are chili and cornbread, chicken soup, shepherds pie, chili, enchiladas and big batches of sweet potato donuts and no-flour peanut butter cookies.

I am reading... a copy of the Constitution of the United States

I am hoping... that we will be able to rent out 2 apartments soon.

I am hearing...Quiet. Kids are in school, Dan just work up and is sipping a cup of coffee. Rush is on the radio

Around the house...Walt finished the new "game room" yesterday. The kids couldn't wait to fill it with gaming furniture.

One of my favorite things... geraniums in bloom when it's snowing outside.

A few plans for the rest of the week: clean out the freezer, inventory food storage, can a load of potatoes or butternut squash.

Here is picture t I am sharing...Photobucket


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Patricia said...

Enjoyed reading your daybook. The bright red geranium is lovely. Thanks for stopping by today.


Sara said...

That quilt looks so cozy! I have never quilted before, but I really want to turn my old college/sorority t-shirts into a quilt. Maybe I will be brave and attempt it.

Ken Toney said...

How much snow did you get in your big storm last week, and how well did you ride it out? For once, we managed not to get hit by a snow storm. We couldn't believe it, but we were so grateful. It's snowed nearly every day here since the week after Thanksgiving. We've had well over 100" so far. Thx for stopping by our blog today.

allisamazing said...

Your quilt is so cute :) ~Alana~