Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yesterday I got up early and turned the kitchen into an assemble line ... I had a big pot of ham stock, bowls of cut vegetables (onion, carrots, celery, red and green peppers),  a pot of partly cooked chili con carne, spices and a very big cabbage.  Fortified by a big cup of chaga tea I set out to get to work
I shredded the cabbage

 photo cutting cabbage_1.jpg

and I filed jars with beans (Ben's beans style). I used a 2lb. bag of navy beans. after cleaning I put a scant cup in each quart jar, topped with boiling water to 1 inch, put on lids and rings, then pressure canned @ 90 minutes 10PSI.   This made 6 quarts for about $1.70
bens beans photo bens beans_1.jpg

Here is the result at the end of the day.

a busy day photo beans and cabbage_1.jpeg

From left to right Cole Slaw, Navy Beans, Bed Beans, Pinto Beans, Chile Con Carne and Ham bean soup.

1 medium head cabbage
1 large carrot
1 green pepper
1 small onion
1 tsp. salt
1 cup vinegar
¼ cup water
2 cups sugar
1 tsp celery seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds
Shred together vegetables.  Add the salt. Let stand 1 hour.
Drain water from vegetables. Boil syrup ingredients
together for 1 minute. Cool.
Add syrup to vegetables. Pack into quart jars and process
in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, or put into freezer
containers and freeze. Leftovers may be frozen. This slaw
may be drained before use and mayonnaise added, or used as is.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Jan 16, 2015 inventory

 photo FS 1.jpg

I finally have time and gumption to inventory my food cellar.

Canning Jar Lids
WIDE  ... 171             REGULAR ... 144

Quarts (Wide)  1 Case +7
Pint and a half ...3
 Pints (wide) 2 case +1
Half Pint  ...  1 CASE + 1
Small (4oz) ... 3

 photo FS2 Cu.jpg

Apple Pie Filling  Q1
Apple Rings  P2
Apple Sauce   11P  14C  5sm
Beans (plain)  Q18
Beef Stew   P10  P+ 1
Blue Berry(wild) C4   Sm.1
Brandy Cherry   4P   C8
Bruchetta  C10 sm 1 
Butternut Squash  Q1  P6
Carrot  (Glazed)   P9 
Cherry  C6  P7 
Chicken   2Q   4 P
Chicken stock          11 Q   11P
Chicken Soups    P12
Chile Con carne  P11
Cranberry (brandy)  P2  C12   Sm2 
Cranberry Juice   P 4 
Cole Slaw   19P 18C 
Corn      11P 
Corn Salsa   14 P   C. 14
Drunken Fruits Q6
Elderberry C7
Ginger Peach C 5 
 Grape Jelly     6C  Sm 6
Grape Juice   Q4    P12
Grape leaves             3Q
Green Grapes                      6P 
Grapes (Red   C6
Ham-Bean soup   P12
Juice  (Mixed) Q 10     P9
Meat Sauce          10Q   8P
Orange Sections   P4   C8 
Peaches  Q4   P5
Peaches   4Q    5P
Peaches  (Brandy) 3Q    6P
Peach-Rum Jam  C8 
Pears (various)     Q3 P11 
Pickles  Q2   P4
Pickled scapes P1
Pickled garlic P1
Pork and Beans  Q5   P6
Potatoes                    8 Q    13 P     2P+
Pumpkin      15P (last year made 31 pts)
Roasted Tomato Garlic Soup    2Q     6P
Roasted Veg Pasta Sauce     2Q
Salsa (Annie's)   20P
Snap Beans       41 Q   25P
Spiced Crab Apple  P3
Spiced Plum  P4
Strawberry jam  C 10
Strawberry-Balsamic Jam   C2   Sm3
Strawberry Hazelnut   C2  Sm5 
 Sweet Potato   P1
Tomato Celery     Q12

Tomato Sauce    5P  
Whole Tomatoes       1Q    1P

`~ * ~* ~*~*~*
Honey  14Q   5 P   1H Gallon
Various from friends  P1   C5

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold and Canning

It's cold. It was - 18 here in the dark early morning when I got out of bed. After sending Walt and Katie off with packed lunches and a bellies full of coffee and breakfast. I washed the dishes and commenced to peel half of the bushel of apples I purchased weeks earlier from Twin Orchards. This time I asked for a mixture of utility apples. As the apple sauce simmers on the back burners it's fragrense wafts through the whole house. I'm tempted ti throw in a cinnamon stick but I don't think I want to take away from the purity of taste. The apples are a mixture of very hard to very soft, so I'm expecting it to be nice and chunky.

 photo images-3.jpg

Two days ago, just before the current cold snap hit, I drove to Paris Hill to visit Pryputniewicz Farms. I came home with a 50lb bag of red potatoes for $15 and a large green cabbage for $1. A The potatoes come to $0.30 a lb. Yesterday and today I've been canning potatoes. Sometimes I'm asked why I can potatoes. They are easy to store, easy to cook, always in season, frequently on sale, easy to cook. I can them mostly for breakfast. When I very little time to make a hot meal. Quick home fries and a scrambled egg ...

 photo 0060580600233_A.jpg

 photo win3.jpg

Monday, January 5, 2015


 photo prepare.jpeg

Annies Salsa 20 pts
Applebutter, spiced, 8 jelly. 2 little
Beef Stew. 13 pts 1 p+
Brandied Cherries 9 pts, 4 hp
Bourbon Peaches 9 pts, 4 hp, 7 sm
Bruchetta 12 hp, 2 small,
Glazed Carrots 12 pts 1 jelly, 1 qt
Cinnamon Pears 5 pts, 4 hp

Chicken Stock 10 qts, 11 pts, 1 +p
Cole Slaw ~ 10pts, 17 hp
Concord Jelly 15 jelly, 6 sm
Concorde Juice 6 pts
Corn 36 pints, 12 hp
Corn Salsa Relish 17 pts
Honey 29 qrts. 7 pts.
Plums in honey syrup 6pts, 2 jelly

Pumpkin 31 pints
Roasted Tomato garlic soup 10 pts
Meat Sauce 14 qts, 8 pts
Strawberry Jam 18 jelly jars
Choco strawberry jam 5 8oz, 6 4oz
Snap beans 23 pints, 48 qt
Spiced crab apples 5 pts
Tomato Celery 13 qts
Tomato Sauce 7 pts

* hp = half pints


strawberries 9 pints
snow peas 4 pints
Chard 1 pint
Lacinato kale 1 pint

Dill heads
1.5 lbs Autumn olive




Wild Mushrooms 1 qrt
Dried Oyster Mushroom 1 qrt

2 Quarts strawberry lime vodka
1 Quart raspberry mint qin
6 quart Blackberry Brandy

1/2 gal. refrigerator pickles

5 lbs garlic