Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making A List - Checking It Twice (part 1)

The recent February thaw make me and other gardeners I'm sure anxious to begin planting and getting our hands dirty. Ok, so there is still at least a half foot of snow on the ground, but it really is time to think about the upcoming growing season. Yesterday I emptied my shoe boxes of seeds and took inventory. I have seeds left over from last year and seeds that I purchased on sale in the fall. That coupled with my Artistic Garden seeds and a few new ones I bought this year makes for quite a stash.

This year, I plan on getting more serious than ever in the garden. Now that food prices are really climbing up we need to rely on our own food. But just as important to me is that I want to know what's in my food.

Here are the seeds I have so far

BEAN, GREEN -Contender, Derby, Romano Bush, Blue Lake Stringless, fresh fillet, Royal Burgundy
BEAN,YELLOW- Golden Butterwax, Cherokee Wax, Dragon Tongue
BEAN, POLE - Romano, Early Riser, Kentucky wonder
BEET - Detroit Dark red, Chioggia, White, Cylindra
BROCCOLI - Calabrese, Southern Comet, Green Mountain, Raab
CABBAGE - royal Savoy, Early Golden Acre, Late Flat Dutch
CARROT - Envy, purple haze, yellowstripe, Kaleidoscope mix, Danvers Halve Long, Scarlet Nates, Toucho, Short ' Sweet.
CELERY - Tall Utah
CORN - early Golden Bantam
CUCUMBER Armenian, Bupee Pickles, National Pickling, Sumter, Lemon, West Indies Gerkin
EGGPLANT - Long Purple
KALE - Judy's
KOHLRABI -Purple Vienna
LEEK - blau Gruener Winter, American Flag
LETTUCE - Bibb, Salad bowl, Gourmet Blend{priseleaf, Royal Oak leaf, salad Bowl, Red salad bowl. Asley{, Prize-head Early, Kagraner Sommer, freckles
Onion _ Florence Red, red Burgundy, white lisbon Bunching, evergreen bunching
PARSNIP Demi-Long Guernsey,
PEA - Wando, Little Marvel, Karina, Burpeeana Early, Wando, Progress #9,
PEA, SNOW - Mammoth Melting Sugar, snow bird, goliath
PEA, SNAP = sugar lode, super snappy
PEPPER, Tabasco, Carnival mix, Chinese Giant, Yellow Banana
PUMPKIN - Small Sugar, Amish Pie
RADISH - early Scarlet Globe, Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Red Meat
SPINACH- Baby Leaf hybrid, Minstreux de Virofaly, Giant Noble, Bloomsdale long Standing, Teragone, Satin, Geant d'Hiver
SQUASH, YELLOW- Early Crook Neck
SQUASH, ZUCCHINI -Grey Zucchini, Boston Marrow
SQUASH, WINTER - Native American Hidatsa
SWISS CHARD - Rhubarb, Bright lights
TOMATILLO - Mexican Husk
TOMATO - Rutgers, Marglobe, Marmande, Lemon Plum, Mortgage Lifter, Yellow Pear, Crimson Cushion, Omar's Lebanese, Dutchman, Djene Lee's Golden Girl, Aunt Ruby's German Green, golden sunburst, Black Russian


Do you have any seeds left over from last year?


linda said...

Yes, I do. Where did you get the seeds?

Kim said...

The majority of the seeds on my list were either left over from last years garden or purchased 'on sale' in the fall from various seed racks. AGWAY, WALGREENS, WALMART usually have seeds on sale in September. As for seeds I am adding this year..I scout out every seed rack. I've already bought a pack or two from Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot and K-mart. I also ordered from Artistic Gardens - they have 35cents sample packs. This year I also put in an order to for some cold tolerant heirloom veggies.

Love Bears All Things said...

WELL, Honey Bear takes care of the food garden and I am in charge of the flowers...He has started some of his seedlings inside....we are going to a Heirloom Nursery on Saturday.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really have a big garden. We are starting our first garden this year. We are doing the square food method.
I'm so looking forward to learning more about gardening, and having my home grown veggies!
I'll have container herbs, that I will sit around our front flower garden.
You have lot's of great information. Thanks for sharing.