Friday, October 8, 2010

Independence Days - 10/8/2010

Planted: Nothing, but making plans to plant garlic soon.

Harvested: Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans, herbs, onions

Preserved: canned potatoes and sweet potatoes

Waste Not: Nothing special, the usual composting.

Want Not: Bought lots of sweet potatoes at 59 cents a lb. Bought 50 lbs. of white potatoes for $10 from a local farmer. He sold me another 50 lb bag of cull potatoes for $5. I have to sort the culls, can as many as I am able and give some away. Bought a bushel of apples from another stand for $6 and a larger sized pie pumpkin for $1.

Eat the Food: This week 12 grain bread and rolls, pumpkin pie (fresh pumpkin), pumpkin/walnut/chocolate chip cookies. Was careful with food so we have few leftovers and use up what we have.

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