Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Day's Worth of Chores

Today is a cool rainy day. I still feel a little low on energy from having a sinus infection. I decided to stay in and tackle some cleaning projects.

My bathroom is all shiny and clean. I scrubbed all of the soap scum from the tub. Then I wiped down all of the surfaces and cleaned all the little things on the counter. I washed the floor and the toilet, folded a batch of clean towels, straightened out the towel shelf and finally I put out a fresh bath mat.

Next I de-cluttered the living room but that was easy because I keep up with that room. Now that the vacuum cleaner is fixed, I gave it a good vacuuming.

On to the master room I stripped my bed, put on a new electric mattress pad and made the bed. I folded a basket of laundry and sorted a pile of socks. I ironed a two pairs of Walt's pants and filled his dresser with socks, tee shirts, pants, and handkerchiefs.

Walt came home for lunch, so I made a pot of tea, heated up leftover cream of broccoli soup and got out the egg salad sandwiches Walt brought home from the reception he was at the night before.

After Walt went back to work, I cleaned out the car, unloaded the dishwasher, I also spent some time straightening out my store. Then I made meatballs for dinner. I stretched out the scant pound of meat by adding a half cup or so of the leftover spanish rice and the last few slices of 12 grain bread. Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, salad and pumpkin cookies for desert. During dinner we played an "ad-hock" game of would you rather.

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