Sunday, May 2, 2010

Asparagus Story

Yesterday was an incredible day. We spent a waonderful afternoon with some new facebook friends at the UNY plant sawp that we hosted. In the late afternoon, I went to check up on the camp. I was so peaceful. (and yes the black flies are out). I sat near the waters edge and listed to a loon cry. I wish I had planned to stay the night.

It rained last. The garden so desperately needed it.Walt and I grabbed a cup of coffee and went out to check on the garden The wintersown brocolli that I transplanted yesterday afternoon look happy. I checked on the asparragus and got a surprize. They really grew yesterday. I got a knife and a small basket and started harvesting. There was finnally enough to pick for a meal. Well almost.


Asparagus is one of Walt's favorite vegetables. His favorite way to eat them is fresh picked raw. So of course he had to munch a stalk or two with his morning coffee. I mentioned that I thought we had just enough for dinner. "Dinner?" he said "you're not going to make me an asparagus and herb omlette?" So of couse, that's what I'm going to do. Because it's such a nice day here on the Little Homestead in the Village, I will put it on a tray and bring him breakfast to eat in the garden.


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