Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Garden Report

Yesterday was a busy day at the Little Homestead in the Village. I washed and line dried 3 loads of laundry, including some bedding from camp.


There is nothing like sunshine and a breeze to help freshen bedding that's been in a musty camp. There were so many little chores to do. Picking up and putting away various pots, garden tools and toys, filling up all of the bird feeders, cleaning out and putting fresh water in the bird bath, tying up a large climbing rose digging out volunteer potatoes from the pea patch and putting them in a bucket to plant in a day or two. A hard frost was expected so plants were later brought into shelter or covered up. Hay and sheets were put on the strawberries. I had not baked for awhile so I made a double batch of dough. One part was sweetened and flavored with a hint of orange to make a sweet breakfast roll. The other part was intended to become a large loaf of bread, but ended up looking like flat bread so I brushed it with olive oil and sprinkled it with za'atar. I had to get Katie her freshly laundered jersey, stop in at Michael's to pick up some "berries" to use in a decoration for camp. Then rush home to make a Mexican Goulash for dinner. I also had to pick up a neighbor and drive to Little Falls High School so we could watch our daughters at the track meet



FREEZE REPORT - we had a hard frost last night. I only covered asparagus and strawberries with straw. As far as I could tell the only frost damage I see is Ostrich Fern and Mulberry leaves.

WHATS IN BLOOM - various violets, bane, corydalis, sweet woodruff, strawberry, apple, yellow tulips, double fernleaf peony, Jacob's ladder, rue, Jack in the pulpit, lilac, lilly of the valley

BUDS- Chives, Iris

UP- dragon head, Asiatic lily, peas

PLANTED - 14 seed potatoes

HARVEST- 1/4 lb. spinach and lettuce leaves


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