Monday, May 24, 2010


WEATHER REPORT - I think there will be no more frost. Temp this week will be in the 80s.

WHATS IN BLOOM - corydalis, sweet woodruff, blue and pink naturazed colombine, strawberry, fernleaf peony, heirloom peony, water lilly, hardy geranium, perennial batchlors button, Jacob's ladder, Jack in the pulpit, seven sisters rose, chives, lupine, dame's rocket

BUDS- English rose, peony,

UP- parsnips, beets, chard, collards, snow peas

PLANTED - 14 more potatoes, large plot of corn (early and often, silver queen) tomatoes (Polish Lingusa, REd ???, Silver fir, Olive Hill, Oxheart, grape,) carrots (envy), peppers ( Carmen and Revolution), onions (White bunching)

HARVEST- several pickings of asparagus, several pickings of lettuce and spinach, various herbs

CRITTER REPORT - the woodchuck found the garden. So far some peas and some braccias have been nibbled. He also ate the neighbors lettuce.

YOU WIN SOME- A few years back I planted a Wild scabiousa in the Butterfly and humming bird bed. I see that I now have a second plant.

YOU LOOSE SOME - Last fall I tried to rid the flower beds of invasive Jerusalem Artichoke... Yesterday I noticed them coming up thick. So I have to get in and try to dig out all all the tubers

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