Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's another hot sunny day in the Mohawk Valley. The temps have soared to almost 90 again. Not a cloud in the sky. Although it's pleasant in the shade, the sunny vegetable is brutally HOT. I've been watering twice a day. Today I also thinned the chard and the collards, planted another 6 tomatoes (Legend). I have been carrying shovelfuls of compost to the tomatoes.

I'm concerned about the peas, they are being attacked by the woodchuck. They have also nibbled on some lettuce leaves. I picked 1/4 lb. of greens, put them in a pretty bowl and shared them with a neighbor . Her lettuce was mowed down by a woodchuck.

We are still without a clothes dryer so I have fallen into a pattern of looking at the weather forecasts an planning my washing around good weather. I really do like top line dry cloths. I have a method. Similar things are hung together, sock are presorted and hung together near its mates. As I hang, it's also easier to notice rips and tears and other problems.

For dinner I'm planning: Lemon-Garlic-Herb Marinated Chicken, Salt Potatoes (local), Salad Greens (from garden), and Asparagus (garden) with Hollandaise Sauce. It's wonderful having a big garden.

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