Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally finishing the apron

I like aprons. I like pretty, feminine aprons to keep my clothing clean when I cook. I like to wear aprons with big pockets when I clean the house. Big pockets are catch-alls for odd little items that need to be put away. I stuff them in my pockets and put them away later. I also like to wear an apron when I run out to the garden to get one ingredient needed for dinner, say a few sprigs of parsley. I inevitably find some other things to pick, a perfect tomato or cuke or maybe a handful of beans. These can go into my pockets too.

So two years ago I started sewing an apron. I didn't have a pattern and like so many things that I do, I made it up and figured it out as I went along.

Do you want to see it ?


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