Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Real Food Challenge- week 1- FAIL

We don't eat much fast food. I'n fact we seldom go out to eat. The reason why is actually two fold. Not too many places come up to our standards. I'm thinking of a popular place in town. Last year was our first and only time there. The salad that came with the meal tasted like the bagged salad mixed that are common in todays grocery stores. We've all tasted this in our salads a faint plastic taste...Yuck! The other reason is money... We'd rather not spend it on a restaurant when when eat better at home. That said, I when I stopped in the office to drop something off to Walt, he asked me to stay and discuss important business decisions we needed to make. After an hour we were getting hungary and I had nothing at home that we could eat quickly. I did not even have any bread. Walt asked me to run to the Burger King down the road and pick up couple burgers so we could continue our meeting. I ordered a fish sandwich for myself and a whopper with cheese for him. we skipped the fries and soda and instead poured tea from the pot Walt almost always keeps brewing in the office "kitchen". One of our goals with the "Real Food Challenge" is to be prepared for the contingencies that happen with owning our kind of business. I need to find some food that can replace the meals that I usually fix at home .

Later that afternoon, he mentioned that it's been a long time since we had a date...and he wanted to take me out (and continue our earlier discussion) so we went off to his favorite restaurant - The Phoenician (Lebanese). At least the food there is good and all homemade: the a cucumber yogurt sauce, hummus, nice salad, rice pilaf, a vegetable stew called "worry beads', stuffed grape leaves. Except for the money we spent, I didn't feel guilty about eating there.

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