Saturday, March 26, 2011

Real Food Challenge-March 26, 2011

About 7 or 8 days into the Real Food Challenge we lost internet for over a week. I saw how dependent I was on my laptop for getting and sharing information. I love learning new things by reading other blogs and I have a long list of favorites. By the time we bought a new router and got back on line the mojo of posting about how we fared on the challenge was gone.

I think we did pretty good.

I baked breads. pies and cookies. I cooked all of our meals from scratch more or less. The less part refers to the few cans of ingredients I cooked with. Big cans of tomato puree ( my garden did not produce enough tomatoes to meet our needs) a big carton of chicken broth with herbs and wine that I poured into a stock-pot of chicken soup - (It needed more broth) out. and it was very good.

I reread my original post on the the Real Food Challenge. You can see it here. We'll for future eating, we put in a cold frame, I drawn out plans to expand the garden, Walt will oder more bees for a second hive and next week were going to a cooperative extension program on raising backyard chickens.

I have cooked big pots of good simple food. One of my favorite meals was Pork and Beans with Moose Bread - it was a good, very filling, inexpensive meal and it made a lot. I ended up freezing a few portions so son#2 could take to work. I found the original recipe for Moose Bread in Hobby Farms magazine, but modified it. If you make this you should also add 1 cup of milk because the recipe as written seemed too dry.

So we are continuing with this challenge and looking forward to making and eating real food. What are you eating?

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