Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Cold Frame

It's a beautiful late march day in the Mohawk Valley. 38 degrees but wind-chill makes it feel like 28. The snow is melted enough for me to make it out into the garden without putting on boots. I selected a few packages of seeds, put on a warm jacket, grabbed a shovel and garden rake and trudged out to check out the new cold frame.


Wonderful! I lifted and propped open the south-facing windows and touched the soil. Yep it was warm. I shovel in a little compost, though most of the compost pile was still under a blanket of snow. After a I raked the soil, I pressed-in a broom handle to make some furrows then I sprinkles in some seeds. I planed 'prize-leaf lettuce' a little 'white beet' and some 'cherry bell radish'. Now it's wait and see. I still have to find a thermometer - hopefully a min-max. Then in a few days, I'll plant the north side.



Love Bears All Things said...

This is interesting...did you do a post when you built this? I'd like to read about it.
Mama Bear

Natalie said...

Love it!!

Kim said...

Thanks Natalie and Mama Bear. I did post under a heading of 1st Harvest

The best thing is that except for the hinges, it's all recycled material I collected last year.