Monday, March 1, 2010

March Chore List

Today is March 1st. I never did prune the grapes which should be done in February. I need to do that this week. I also have to do the winter-sowing that I've been putting off. This month I should can some more citrus, clean out and inventory the freezer, using it up so I'll have lots of room going into a new season. We need to be eating more from my preserved food. Then there is the quilt. If I don't finish it before the spring activities kick in, then it most likely won't get done.

Dinner was quite nice tonight. I defrosted a piece of pork tenderloin, browned it a bit with olive oil in my favorite cast iron frying pan. I poured my last jar of spiced cherries and peaches over the meat, covered it with aluminum foil and popped it into a 350 degree oven. I served it with served with plain rice and a vegetable medley.


How is that for a different dinner idea? This is one of the reason that I preserve food in jars. I don't have to settle for run of the mill, everyday plain foods. I have a bounty of wonderful combinations right on my shelf.

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