Friday, March 5, 2010

Independence Days - 3/5/2010

1. Plant something – Finally I wintersowed 21 different things. 2 kinds of onions,2 kinds of broccoli, alpine strawberries, several lettuce and one spinach. Since I can never have enough flowers I also sowed McKanna Columbine, Larkspur, Canterbury bells,oriental poppy

2. Harvest something - not able to yet.

3. Preserve something – some big beef bones were roasted with carrots and onions and made into stock.

4. Waste Not– I took out a bag of strawberries and a bag of rhubarb from the freeze and made two strawberry-rhubarb pie. I used brown sugar to coverup some possible "freezer taste".

5. Want Not – I scored a dozen half pint jars at a garage sale. I also too inventory of jars and canning supplies. I should get more wide mouth.

6. Build Community Food Systems – I support buying local. I was getting short of potatoes and bought a 50 lb bag from a farmer. He threw in a head of red cabbage. I also replenished my dried herbs and spiced by buying what I need from a store that sells them in bulk. I also puched more seeds

7. Eat the Food – Made a BIG batch of bread dough. I formed it into a loaf of bread, bread sticks, olive-parmesan log and a double pan of cinnamon rolls.


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