Saturday, March 27, 2010

Death of a Pond, Requiem for a Spruce

The pond is dead. We had a beautiful pond with koi fish. The pond was dug deep enough so that the fish could survive the winter. But they are gone. This year something went wrong. The snow melted revealing more than two dozen dead fish. We drained the pond except for a few feet of water in the deepest part. We have to fix the problem and restock fish. I hope I can find someone to trade with.

I love trees. Cutting down healthy majestic trees is wrong. That said, we decided that we needed to cut down two large spruce in the the corner of our lot. We need to be working the garden better and most of the vegetable beds don't get as much sunlight as they should. So last Saturday, Walt with Brad's help, got out the chain-saw and cut down two lovely spruce. I think we all feel bad about doing that, But the garden does have much more light. We cut it early spring so as to not disturb nesting birds or seedlings in the garden. After the trees fell, the trunk was cut into blocks and branches and limbs removed. Then came the arduous task of getting the branches to the curb so the village could pick up as part of their green waste removal program. It will be chipped and recycled as mulch. The big blocks of the trunk will become firewood for backyard bonfires.

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