Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift Package Sent Today

We put the final touches on the gift we are sending to Walt's sister in Colorado. Here is a card that was inserted explaining the gifts.

4 Seasons Flour Sack Towel Set by Kim

Long ago flour was sold in large cotton cloth bags. Our great (great) grandmothers did not waste anything and cut up the flour sacks to be made into other useful items such as curtains, cloth shirts and towels. Towels cut from these flour sacks were once used for all kinds of household tasks – from drying dishes and polishing glassware to straining foods and covering rising dough. These hand were designed and embroidered by Kim to reflect the Joy of each season.

Hand Knit Scarfs with Embellished Gloves by Kim and Katie

Kim has learned a new skill this fall. A two hour class at JoAnn Fabric has yielded a some wonderful goods. Each scarf has matching gloves that have been embellished by Katie.



Morrissey House Wildflower Honey by Walt and Katie

2009 was a busy year for the “Little Homestead in the Village”. Besides the usual garden produce, canned foods and baked goods, we have a new offering. Walt has placed small apiary in the yard. Katie was the assistant when Walt went to get a sample of this honey.

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