Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Food storage


I'm hearing of more people who are either storing food or thinking about it. For the past year I've slowly been working on food storage. My approach is to buy some things in bulk (flour, sugar, rice. yeast) and buy extra cans /boxes of items we use when they are on sale... plus now I've started adding a little of some things I don't buy but we would eat if we needed, such as Tang or canned green beans (we eat fresh or frozen). My food storage is about having a "store" so I don't run out , then I can cook ad hock (unplanned) meals and replace what I have used with items that are on sale, thus saving money. I used to run to the store frequently because I was missing one ingredient. My goal is to have at least 3 months of foods. The challenges include how to safely store food in the basement while keeping out moisture and critters. At the same time the food has to be organized in such a way so that it gets rotated and used. The mantra is "store what you use and use what you store". Someday soon I will post pictures of my food storage.


Regarding saving money on groceries, this week there was a managers special at Hannaford that was not advertised in the weekly flyer; Roasting Chickens at 49¢ a lb. I bought 4, three for us and the smallest for my son Brian. Since my garden had a poor tomato harvest last year because of a blight, I was not able to can any sauce. I bought 5 more cans of crushed tomatoes for less than $1.00 a can.

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