Thursday, December 24, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

We are now counting down hour, not days. Last night, Katie's friend Lei-lei came over to give here a gift. I invited her to stay and decorate the gingerbread cookies that I had were still cooling in the racks. They played while I prepared bowls of powdered sugar icing in various colors and also lined up all the sprinkles. The kids are so creative. I was kept busy refilling bowls with colored icing, reminding them not to lick their sticky fingers, and trying to keep up with cleaning the kitchen.


The Kids decorated these cookies.
Todays to do list:

Kids -
-Clean up stairs Bathroom
-Fold and PUT AWAY laundry

-Pick up cards from B&N
-Pick up new carpet
-Purchase Holiday Beverages

-Keep Kitchen Clean
-Make Cookie trays and deliver
-Peel potatoes
-Make Perogi Dough
-Donation to S.S. (mom w/ 2 young children - in hospital, husband laid off)
- deliver Christmas Jar
-Buy ham ? and more veggies
-make perogi
"Morrissey House" Cookie Tray ready for delivery.

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