Monday, February 13, 2017

Canning Pumpkins

I love canning pumpkins. Not the process necessarily, but the result: jars of pumpkin ready to be made into pies, cookies, muffins, breads pancakes, waffles and whatever else I can find to make. My village homestead garden sometimes produces "volunteer" pumpkins near the compost pile growing from the seeds I tossed the last time I canned pumpkin.

Canning pumpkin is a good way to save money, at least here in the Little Homestead in the Village, it is. I usually have some pumpkins in my garden, hopefully little pie or sugar pumpkins as seen in the back row. If I need more , Twin orchard sell them 2 for $1.00 . Can't beat that price. As for the heirloom pumpkins front left is Bliss and on the right is Long Island Cheese.

Lets do a cost analysis
small pumpkin $.50 makes 3 pints ... 16 cents a jar ... plus lid 22 each .38 a jar
heirlooms 1.50 makes 6 pints  ..25 cants a jar ... plus lid 22 . each .47 a jar

Compare in price to the least expensive canned pumpkin I found was $1.47 generic at Walmart f0r 15 oz . One pint of my canned pumpkin make one cup of smashed (pureed) pumpkin. And the is all I need most of the time. One cup. If im making a pie and need more then I can open several jars as needed

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