Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sling that hash

I came across some directions for making hash. Since it's close to St. Patrick's Day, Corned Beef is available and sometimes on sale. I bought 3 points at Aldi . I cut up 2 so that I can just the meat and some onion. The plan is to drain these and ad a jar of canned potatoes for a large hash meal.

Almost 7 lbs for almost $14 ...  yields 8 pints.  Less then $2 per pint of meat. Once I add a pint of my home canned of potaotoes ... that 2 pints of hash for about $2.25.

I also made 5 pints of meat, potato and onion hash from 3.25 lbs of corned beef point that cost about $6.50 ($1.99 lb)

Here's How to can hash
Corned Beef Hash
Yield 7 pints

5 lbs Corned Beef, trimmed as well as possible and quickly rinsed in cold water
5 medium size potatoes, peeled
1 large onion diced (optional)
Boiling water
salt and pepper

Cut the corned beef and potatoes into 1" cubes.
Fill hot sterilized pint jars with 1/4 full of potatoes and then fill to 1 1/2" headspace with Corned Beef. Add a pinch of salt and pepper if desired.
Add boiling water filling  to 1" headspace. Remove air bubbles with chopstick or plastic spatula. Refill to proper headspace. Wipe the rim of the jars with paper towel that has been dipped in vinegar. Add hot lid/ring and pressure can for 75 minutes at 11lbs of pressure for dial gauge and and 10 lbs for weighted for pints and 90 minutes if you are making quarts.

After draining the liquid chop the potato and meat!

Fry in a skillet with onion

Lynn's Breakfast Corned Beef Hash!
To make the hash pour the liquid out of the jar. Empty the contents of the jar onto a cutting board and chop up the meat and potatoes into a small dice. Add a small amount of olive oil to a frying pan. If you have not added the onions previously add a 1/4 cup of diced onions per pint jar and saute till translucent. Then add the   chopped meat and potatoes to the pan. Turn the heat up to medium and cook on one side for about 10 minutes. Using a spatula turn the now crispy hash over and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve with eggs and toast! 

The taste of the hash is great and really you are just doing a reheat. I only made 7 pints but will purchase more Corned Beef after St. Patrick's day on sale.

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