Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Wed. 4/20/11



Outside my window
It's a cool, grey Spring Day. There is a possibility of rain. It's 44 degrees outside but with an 11mph SE wind it feel like 38. I can hear the wind howl as it occasionally gusts. When I stepped out to take a small bin of eggshells, coffee grounds and vegetable peels to the compost pile, I saw many birds around the birdfeeders.

I am thinking
About getting chicks. We took a class, decided somewhat what kinds we we just have to do it! Since we don't have a cook or anyplace to keep them warm while they are still small, we're dragging our feet.

I am thankful for
The promises of God

From the kitchen
A half loaf of whole wheat honey oatmeal flax meal bread. Must do more baking. Some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a batch canning jars are in the dishwasher... I'm going to can some of the older potatoes today

I am wearing
I'm barefoot, and have a soft cotton blend blue print sleeveless pullover dress. I'm chilly so I will get a cup of coffee, my slippers and a sweater .

I am creating
I just finished making "carrot seed tape" . Carrot seeds are so small that it's impossible to space them far enough and I don't want to thin out little plants growing close together. Tape is easy to make. I cut a length of toilet pater into the long steps. Then I made a paste of a teaspoon of flour and a little water. Using an old paintbrush, I pained a small dab of 'glue' every inch then before it dried tried to place a small seed on each dab. easier to this on a kitchen counter than hunched over a furrow in the garden.

I am going
Maybe collecting some ramps (wild leeks) if I finish my chores in time.

I am reading
"The Victory Garden Cookbook"by Marian Morash.. anticipating a great big harvest of all kinds of veggies.

I am hoping...
That Walt will find another client and that P.K. comes through with a good contract.

I am hearing
The dishwasher.

Around the House
Several batches of laundry to fold and put away. A nice clutter of seeds and potting supplies in the Sun room

One of my favorite things
Watching and hearing songbirds while I'm doing chores in the yard.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Gardening as soon as weather conditions allow i.e. the rain stops I've already got in two rows of potatoes, two big beds of peas, lettuce babies around the garlic, spinach and radish seeds planted too. I'll try to get more potatoes in, then plant leeks, onion sets, scallions, endive, and arugula. On Thursday night, we plan to go to an information session on raising backyard chickens sponsored by our local Cooperative Extension.

Here is picture I am sharing


BLOOD ROOT - Sanguinaria canadensis, A beautiful spring ephemeral native to eastern North America, Mint-green foliage emerges in early spring, folded together in pairs like praying hands, quickly followed by white broad-petaled up-facing flowers.

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