Monday, April 18, 2011

Harvest Monday 4/18/11

I't still very early in my zone for any-kind of real harvest. I've begun some planting... several rows of peas, two rows of potatoes. I've weeded around the asparagus and started to do the same in the strawberry bed. We ordered three more fruit trees, two kinds cold hardy apricots and another pear. Every day I check the cold frame. The little lettuce plants have put out their true leaves. On the north side of the cold frame I have containers of onions. leeks, kale, swiss chard and cabbage almost ready to transplant. We did get a bit of a harvest though... I picked a generous handful of sorrels and several bunches of chives, I checked the pot of scallions that I left out all winter and have about a pound of nice ones, we dug up more than 3 pounds of potatoes that I missed last fall, also two carrots. The carrots went into the "have a heart" trap to try to lure another woodchuck. Last year I lost most of my peas and beans to critters. The potatoes scallions chives and sorrel went into a leek soup.

Other than that we've been eating what I put up last year. I am surprised at how may empty jars end up on the buffet, waiting for someone to take the to the storeroom and put them away.


Lynda said...

Don't you love finding those *lost* potatoes!!!

Daphne said...

We have a woodchuck in the neighborhood too. Last year he got 90% of my squash. I hope this year the fence keeps him out.