Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I thought that i would give you an idea of a few typical days here on the homestead except there is no real typical day. But now is as good as any to chronicle life as a suburban homesteader. There are two days of chores and activities.

Wake up Get dressed, wake up teens for school,make coffee, read news paper for 10 minutes, then make buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Kids get on school bus, I read some of favorite blogs and enjoy a cup of coffee. Next plant some seeds in pots and check on the plants under lights, water if needed, wash and hang 3 loads of laundry, check on bees and cold frame, make bread dough, rake out flower beds, kneed dough, shape and 3 loaves of bread and a pizza, do some office work, supper with family, wash dishes, sweep floor, drive Walt to camera truck for his unexpected news gig, Relax with kiddos -watching Netflix and hand sewing a cloths pin holder. Go to bed 11:30

Next day, Wake up, get dressed, wake up teens for school, make coffee, read news paper for 10 minutes make toad-in-holes for breakfast, Kids get on school bus, surfing computer and enjoy a cup of coffee, Fuss with seeds and plants under lights, Wake up Walt, check on bees and cold frame, wash and hang 4 loads of laundry - using new clothespin hanger, rake garden, make lunch for me and Walt - grilled cheese sandwiches, surf the net, check e-mail, lop some branches, rake some more, fix dinner, go to meeting.

Wake up, read paper, sort coupons make grocery list, make breakfast (french toast and bacon with orange wedges) go to chicken class, make sandwiches and lemonade, work in garden, walt build frames for bees, rake lawn, wash 1 load laundry, clean 1 enclosed veggie bed, lop blackberry bushes, find pea brush, plant peas, Grill steak for dinner...enjoy campfire at neighbors.

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