Friday, January 16, 2015


Jan 16, 2015 inventory

 photo FS 1.jpg

I finally have time and gumption to inventory my food cellar.

Canning Jar Lids
WIDE  ... 171             REGULAR ... 144

Quarts (Wide)  1 Case +7
Pint and a half ...3
 Pints (wide) 2 case +1
Half Pint  ...  1 CASE + 1
Small (4oz) ... 3

 photo FS2 Cu.jpg

Apple Pie Filling  Q1
Apple Rings  P2
Apple Sauce   11P  14C  5sm
Beans (plain)  Q18
Beef Stew   P10  P+ 1
Blue Berry(wild) C4   Sm.1
Brandy Cherry   4P   C8
Bruchetta  C10 sm 1 
Butternut Squash  Q1  P6
Carrot  (Glazed)   P9 
Cherry  C6  P7 
Chicken   2Q   4 P
Chicken stock          11 Q   11P
Chicken Soups    P12
Chile Con carne  P11
Cranberry (brandy)  P2  C12   Sm2 
Cranberry Juice   P 4 
Cole Slaw   19P 18C 
Corn      11P 
Corn Salsa   14 P   C. 14
Drunken Fruits Q6
Elderberry C7
Ginger Peach C 5 
 Grape Jelly     6C  Sm 6
Grape Juice   Q4    P12
Grape leaves             3Q
Green Grapes                      6P 
Grapes (Red   C6
Ham-Bean soup   P12
Juice  (Mixed) Q 10     P9
Meat Sauce          10Q   8P
Orange Sections   P4   C8 
Peaches  Q4   P5
Peaches   4Q    5P
Peaches  (Brandy) 3Q    6P
Peach-Rum Jam  C8 
Pears (various)     Q3 P11 
Pickles  Q2   P4
Pickled scapes P1
Pickled garlic P1
Pork and Beans  Q5   P6
Potatoes                    8 Q    13 P     2P+
Pumpkin      15P (last year made 31 pts)
Roasted Tomato Garlic Soup    2Q     6P
Roasted Veg Pasta Sauce     2Q
Salsa (Annie's)   20P
Snap Beans       41 Q   25P
Spiced Crab Apple  P3
Spiced Plum  P4
Strawberry jam  C 10
Strawberry-Balsamic Jam   C2   Sm3
Strawberry Hazelnut   C2  Sm5 
 Sweet Potato   P1
Tomato Celery     Q12

Tomato Sauce    5P  
Whole Tomatoes       1Q    1P

`~ * ~* ~*~*~*
Honey  14Q   5 P   1H Gallon
Various from friends  P1   C5


Mary Marshall said...

Wow! That's awesome, you were busy!

RNY MAMI said...

Wow! This is very impressive! Outstanding job!

Pop said...

WOW!!! What a variety - I am truly impressed.