Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold and Canning

It's cold. It was - 18 here in the dark early morning when I got out of bed. After sending Walt and Katie off with packed lunches and a bellies full of coffee and breakfast. I washed the dishes and commenced to peel half of the bushel of apples I purchased weeks earlier from Twin Orchards. This time I asked for a mixture of utility apples. As the apple sauce simmers on the back burners it's fragrense wafts through the whole house. I'm tempted ti throw in a cinnamon stick but I don't think I want to take away from the purity of taste. The apples are a mixture of very hard to very soft, so I'm expecting it to be nice and chunky.

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Two days ago, just before the current cold snap hit, I drove to Paris Hill to visit Pryputniewicz Farms. I came home with a 50lb bag of red potatoes for $15 and a large green cabbage for $1. A The potatoes come to $0.30 a lb. Yesterday and today I've been canning potatoes. Sometimes I'm asked why I can potatoes. They are easy to store, easy to cook, always in season, frequently on sale, easy to cook. I can them mostly for breakfast. When I very little time to make a hot meal. Quick home fries and a scrambled egg ...

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