Sunday, January 16, 2011

Efficient Meal Planning - 2 meat system

Summers are crazy here at the little homestead. Walt works out of town every Thursday - he's gone from 1pm - 11pm. Then there is gardening sometimes into late hours. Also spontaneous picnics and barbecues and trips to the lake. But during cold weather we settle into more of a routine. And thus its much easier to plan out meals. I like to use a 2 meat system for meal planning when I can. I buy large amounts of 2 kinds of meat - whatever is on sale. On Sunday we have what we call a Protestant Sunday Dinner - around 3pm, everyone eating together. We usually have a nice roast or chicken or something like that and I plan for lots of leftovers. As an aside on Sundays I serve 2 vegetables, maybe some fruit and... dessert- cake or pie- homemade of course! The next day we have a different meat dish, then I alternate the leftovers. I always have carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, garlic, canned whole tomatoes, home canned chicken, broth and noodles so I can always make some kind of soup.

This weeks menu
Sunday - 2 roast chickens (88 cents/lb) ( chicken w/ gravy and mash potatoes, acorn squash, garden frozen beans, jello with fruit)
Monday - spaghetti with meat balls, salad
Tuesday- chicken pot pie, sliced cucumbers, canned peaches
Wednesday - spanish rice with ground beef (left over from Monday) peas
Thursday - Chicken Soup with fresh baked bread
Friday -Baked Ziti with meat sauce, broccoli, homemade applesauce
Saturday - Clean out the Fridge Soup

** note - this is only a plan. In actuality the young men of the family might eat leftovers or invite friends for dinner . If that happens, I will substitute a meatless meal something like a baked mac and cheese or if I have time, homemade pierogi .


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