Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner from the storehouse

Yesterday I made a big sunday dinner. Sunday Dinner is a tradition here in the little homestead. It's the largest meal of the week and I plan for lots of leftovers from the meal, leftovers for at least two other meals. Beacuse I served dinner later than usual, I also fixed a quick small lunch to tide us over.

Blue corn chips
Salsa mixed with canned kidney beans and ground beef
Colby jack cheese
Black olive slices

A 7.5 lb Flank steak marinated in wine, soy sauce, garlic and thyme
Mashed potatoes (from the local farm - 50lb bag)
gravy from drippings
canned sweet potatoes mashed with brown sugar and fresh grated ginger
frozen fillet beans with garlic butter sauce
Black olives
Pumpkin pie (from canned pumpkin) with whipped cream
Apple/strawberry rhubarb crumb pie (from canned apple pie filling and strawberry rhubarb butter)

** red denotes garden or home canned food

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