Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Chores

Last week saw a few days of wonderful weather. We had a few days when the temperature reached into the 80s That is unusual for the begin of April here in the Mohawk Valley. However, I was not able to get out very much to work in the garden. I was distracted by my new camera, a Nikon D5000. I just had to practice taking pictures of my early spring flowers,

Walt just finished the upstairs bathroom. This was a project that keep growing. At first he was just planning on painting the ceiling. The paint was peeling from the humidity. He did the ceiling and went on the repaint the walls. But he didn't settle for the off white that was on the walls. He wanted to do something "with more depth " so because we have a old tub/shower that is avocado green ( how 1960's), I had decorated the small bathroom in a ocean theme. Walt picked up on this and selected a bamboo, a grass green and garnet red. The effect looks like sandstone. Lovely. This is what my wall looks like now. Photobucket

He also ripped of the old ranch molding and put in colonial crown-molding, door and window casements and put in baseboard. He stained the medicine cabinet that was a light maple wood with a walnut stain to match the rest of the wood shelving and vanity . Do you want to see more of the bathroom ?



I actually did get out into the garden. My neighbor Brad lent me his small Mantis tiller and I tilled one of the beds. I appreciated that since Walt was busy finishing up the bathroom and I had to take care of the garden myself

I planted 3 beds of Alaska Peas (9 rows total)
transplanted the winter-sown spinach and lettuce
planted a few beet seeds and a small area of parsnip

Harvested a few potatoes

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