Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy Autumn Days

Tuesday November 3
On Tuesday I drove to Smithies in Rome to buy beef - 10 lbs ground beef, several packs of T-bone steaks, a rump roast and some rib roasts. I paid no more than $3.50 / lb for the steaks. He raises meat as a "hobby" . Although not "certified organic", I'm happy to be able to buy meat from him. He only uses antibiotics when needed and uses no hormones.

Smithie then sent me to his neighbors who gave me 5 pie pumpkins. After coming back home and cramming the steaks into a already full freezer, I worked in the garden for several hours. Walt and I went to vote. For dinner I made T-bone steaks and home made noodles with butter, garlic and herb sauce.

Wednesday November 4
Here is what I did today...
* Make a poolish for bread
* Cut 6 lbs of round roast (beef) into 1 inch cubes for canning
* Cut 3 lbs of beef into thin pieces and put into a marinade for making jerky.
* Designed, printed and delivered invitations for Katie's party.
* Made 2 quart jars of yogurt.
* Planted 3 kinds of tulip bulbs in garden.
* Made homemade chicken pot pie for dinner.
* Made a batch of pumpkin cookies from our garden pumpkins.

Thursday November 5
* Baked 2 loves of crusty bread
* Drained marinated beef and placed on racks in low oven for 5 hours
* Cleaned kitchen
* Washed 2 loads laundry
* Pressure canned 3 quarts and 1 pint of beef in wine sauce.
* Went grocery shopping today.
- Bought 10 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast @ $ 1.44/lb
- 1 small boneless pork roast @ $1.79/lb
- 1 green pepper @ $1.20/lb (too much!)
- 5 cans of black olives @ $1.00 eack
- 3 boxes pasta @ $ 0.77 /lb
- 1 fresh pineapple @ $1.98 each

My food storage plans are saving us money. There is not much that I really need and I today bought everything (except the green pepper) at a pretty good price.

For dinner I butter-flied the small pork roast,sprinkled allspice salt and fresh minced garlic and a layer of sauteed sorrel and onions from the garden mixed with crushed Ritz crackers. This was rolled up and baked at 350ºF. Served with boiled potatoes and fresh green beans dressed with a fresh garlic and butter sauce. YUM!!

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