Friday, November 6, 2009

Keeping Busy

I'm not the only one laying a supply of food down for a "cold winter day". I've come across so many other blogs like MrsSurvival to Keeper of the Home that have information on storing food.  Seems like so many feel the need to stock up some emergency supplies for when SHTF (stuff hits the fan). Melissa Ringstaff, of Vintage Homemaker said it best in  her March 27,2009 blog entry. You can read it here. As for me, I'm trusting God to give me wisdom. I'm putting in a supply of food and necessities so that we don't waste time or money if I run out of something. I can now replace my stockpile with items when they are on sale. And if times get hard, then I can take care of my family and friends.  I have also built a "Flu preparedness kit" - a box filled with items needed to help prevent flu and to use when someone becomes ill. I've already dipped into it when Brian showed up at the door with a temp of 102 F - he left with a bag filled ginger ale, juice, chicken soup, tissues, mucinex, vitamins and oscillococcinum.

Today I made canned chicken breast for the first time. I followed the Ball Blue Book Recipe for cold pack chicken.

Put chicken into hot sterilized jars. Cover with hot water or broth leaving 1 inch headroom. I put a pinch of salt into each jar but thats optional. Pressure can at 10 lb. for 1 hour 30 min.

I bought a 10 lb. bag of boneless skinless chicken breast, cut off the fat and quickly cut into wide strips. I filled 6 wide mouth quarts and a1/2 pint jar. That's a good size for a quick emergency meal for Brian who is now in his own apartment not far from home.

Since this was my first attempt at canning chicken, I decided use a jar for dinner. I was happy with the result. Keep in mind that canned chicken is not the same as fresh. The texture is different, but it's a good thing to have for a quick meal.

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