Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jars and jars

I have lots of canning jars. At lest some would think so. I have purchased new jars from box stores and small hard ware stores, I found jars at garage sales and on Craigs List. Twice I had a chance to buy dozens of used jars at a great price but I only took a small portion of what was offered. The last time this happened, about a year ago I took 50 wide mouth pints at 25-cents each. He had about 250 jars to sell. I thought those 50 would be more than enough. I was wrong. Here I am with 75 lb. of potatoes to can and I only have 14 wide mouth quarts, and 1 wide mouth pint then a few cases each of regular quarts and pints . I'd use those up and be done with it but as I'm planning on putting up much more of the harvest this year I will have to buy more jars and it might as well be what I need.

Why can so many potatoes you ask. They are cheap enough at the store.
Well it's like this, I want to know where my food come from. I want to controll what I put into my mouth. I want local food with out extra ingredients including salt.



What are you canning right now ?

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